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meals, direct
to your door.
No lock: pause or cancel for free anytime. View our plans

How it works.

It's simple.

1 You pick.

Choose from one of our three meal plans curated by our expert chefs and nutritionists to suit your lifestyle and customize it to your specific needs.

2 We cook.

Our chef and his team prepare your balanced meals for the week. We source only the best possible ingredients so that we can be confident our food never disappoints.

3 We deliver.

Free weekly shipping in insulated boxes all
over Switzerland by express Swiss Post.

4 You enjoy.

Bang in the oven, a pan, or microwave.
Eat and feel amazing!

Liberate your life.
Deliver your goals.

Liberate your life.
Deliver your goals.


No planning or cooking. Delivered
direct to your door. Our
subscriptions can be paused and
changed at anytime.


We source only the best quality and
natural ingredients that are seasonal
and local wherever possible.


Healthy, balanced meals curated by
our chefs and nutritionists. We
have options for every dietary
need, lifestyle and goal.


Not just healthy food on autopilot.
Our recipes are delicious and
inspiring, to really get your
tastebuds going.

It’s all good

  • 100% natural ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible.
  • Always varied and seasonal meals.
  • Developed by expert chefs and nutritionists.
  • Healthy cooking methods only.
  • No nasties.

†Whenever possible