Corporate catering – get Powermeals for your business.

Whether you’re working from home or from the office, boost morale and cut down on cooking time with delicious ready-to-eat corporate catering or office meals, delivered.

How we work for you

We make office catering simple.


Working from home

Offer employee discounts on up to 16 healthy premade meals a week delivered to their home office.


Start ups & small businesses

Get a selection of up to 48 chef-made meals delivered to your office each morning in insulated boxes.


Medium & large businesses

Get in touch and we’ll tailor a corporate catering solution to fit your needs.


Fitness & wellness centres

Get in touch to hear about how we can work together to support your clients – we offer weight loss meal delivery too.

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Why choose Powermeals for business?

We’re here to make lunchtimes easier, more enjoyable and more productive.
  • No fancy kitchen requirements, and no mess

  • Meals ready to eat and enjoy in just 3 minutes

  • More cost efficient than office catering or cafés

  • A varied and flexible menu to meet all dietary needs.

Our menu includes gluten-free meals, low carb meals and vegetarian meals.
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Get in touch to find out more

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll share a personalised quote for your business.

By phone

Give us a call Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm or leave a message and we’ll call you back.


By email

Drop us an email with your team size, office address and any special requirements and we’ll reply within 2 working days.