Prepared meal delivery with natural ingredients

Fresh, ready-to-eat meals delivered weekly. A fully flexible meal subscription box: skip weeks and pause anytime.

Here's how it works

Delicious meals—in just 4 steps


You pick

Choose 3 or more meals from our menu inspired by world cuisine.

Our menu changes every week and we always have meat, fish, vegetarian and high protein meal delivery options available.

We also offer three different meal types: low-carb, medium or larger portions.


We cook

Our chef and his team prepare your delicious meals for the week.

When we receive your order we source fresh ingredients from our local suppliers and cook everything from scratch. We use healthy cooking methods and no additives.

To avoid food waste we need your order at least 6 days before delivery.


We deliver

Your meals for the week are delivered in a single box by the Swiss Post to any address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

If you aren’t home when your box arrives, no problem! Our boxes are insulated to stay fresh for 30 hours.

Store the meals in the fridge. They last 5 to 9 days from the delivery date depending on the dish.


You enjoy & repeat

Reheat in the oven, or 3 minutes in a microwave and enjoy!

You will get a new box of prepared meals delivered each week, no more planning needed.

You can choose your dishes from our online menu, or tell us your food preferences and we will send a selection.

Our prepared meal delivery subscription is fully flexible: skip or pause deliveries until 6 days before the delivery date.

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Why choose us?

Save time

No planning or cooking. Delivered direct to your door. Our subscriptions can be paused or changed at any time.

Feel great

We cook nutritionally balanced dishes with real ingredients and healthy cooking methods.

Achieve your goals

You can tailor your deliveries to your needs, from plant-based to gluten-free to low-carb meals.

Enjoy real flavour

Our recipes are designed by chefs with inspiration from around the world. They will really get your taste buds going.

What will arrive
on your doorstep?

  • We deliver in insulated boxes that are paper recyclable, including the insulation.
  • Each box contains ice packs so meals stay fresh in the box for over 30 hours, even on a Summer day.
  • Our meals are sealed in a protective atmosphere to keep their freshness and flavour.
  • All the dietary information, ingredients and reheating instructions can be found on the label.
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