Our weekly menu

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Tofu chow mein

553Kcal 22gprotein 57gcarbs 23gfat
Low-carb 16.20Medium 13.70Large 15.45

Vegetarian lasagna al forno

691Kcal 22gprotein 66gcarbs 33gfat
Large 15.95Medium 14.45

Chicken chow mein

520Kcal 25gprotein 51gcarbs 20gfat
Large 16.45Medium 14.45Low-carb 16.95

Meurette poached egg

447Kcal 20gprotein 29gcarbs 24gfat
Large 15.95Medium 14.45Low-carb 15.95

Tofu Casimir Rice

the swiss curry

508Kcal 20gprotein 69gcarbs 14gfat
Large 16.45Medium 13.70

Pumpkin & Appenzeller couscous

with cranberries

690Kcal 21gprotein 80gcarbs 30gfat
Large 14.95Medium 13.45

Dorade with Neapolitan sauce

served with a lemon risotto

531Kcal 24gprotein 30gcarbs 33gfat
Low-carb 18.45Medium 15.95Large 17.95

Roast pork with sage cream

570Kcal 45gprotein 34gcarbs 26gfat
Low-carb 17.45Medium 14.95Large 16.95

Chicken Casimir Rice

the swiss curry

495Kcal 26gprotein 63gcarbs 13gfat
Large 17.95Medium 15.95

Braised chicken in white wine

498Kcal 25gprotein 45gcarbs 20gfat
Large 17.95Medium 15.95Low-carb 18.45

Lasagna al forno

717Kcal 35gprotein 50gcarbs 39gfat
Large 17.95Medium 15.95

Char fillet with suchet sauce

leek, celery & white wine

495Kcal 25gprotein 65gcarbs 12gfat
Low-carb 18.95Medium 16.45Large 18.45

Beef & mushroom casserole

& pumpkin with chestnut

547Kcal 30gprotein 52gcarbs 22gfat
Low-carb 17.95Medium 15.45Large 17.45

Mushroom stroganoff

& dauphinoise potatoes

433Kcal 11gprotein 25gcarbs 28gfat
Low-carb 16.95Medium 14.95Large 16.45

Chicken in grand veneur sauce

with braised red cabbage

468Kcal 20gprotein 35gcarbs 24gfat
Low-carb 16.95Medium 14.45Large 16.45

Beef keema curry

498Kcal 25gprotein 41gcarbs 24gfat
Low-carb 17.95Medium 15.45Large 17.45

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