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Gnocchi al pomodoro

399Kcal 9gprotein 66gcarbs 9gfat
Large 15.95Medium 12.95

Vegetarian lasagna al forno

661Kcal 22gprotein 66gcarbs 30gfat
Large 15.95Medium 14.45

Peruvian seco de pollo

571Kcal 22gprotein 61gcarbs 25gfat
Large 16.45Medium 14.45

Chicken masala

618Kcal 37gprotein 61gcarbs 22gfat
Low-carb 18.45Medium 15.95Large 17.95

Lasagna al forno

749Kcal 34gprotein 57gcarbs 39gfat
Large 17.95Medium 15.95

Ricotta stuffed mushroom

477Kcal 15gprotein 50gcarbs 20gfat
Large 16.45Medium 16.95

Mushroom fricassee

549Kcal 14gprotein 64gcarbs 20gfat
Low-carb 15.95Medium 13.45Large 14.95

Vegetable Tagine

528Kcal 15gprotein 90gcarbs 9gfat
Large 14.45Medium 12.95

Lemon butter Char

608Kcal 24gprotein 29gcarbs 41gfat
Low-carb 20.45Medium 17.95Large 19.95

Winter lamb navarin

670Kcal 26gprotein 40gcarbs 40gfat
Large 18.95Medium 16.95

Sweet potato teriyaki

476Kcal 9gprotein 81gcarbs 8gfat
Large 16.45Medium 14.95

Chicken with a lentil cream

470Kcal 36gprotein 33gcarbs 19gfat
Large 18.45Medium 16.45Low-carb 18.95

Autumnal goat's cheese omelette

531Kcal 37gprotein 17gcarbs 32gfat
Low-carb 15.95Medium 13.45Large 14.95

Hunter-style turkey fricassee

541Kcal 23gprotein 54gcarbs 22gfat
Low-carb 18.45Medium 15.95Large 17.95

Salmon teriyaki

595Kcal 28gprotein 67gcarbs 19gfat
Large 20.45Medium 17.95

Creamy sweet potato yellow curry

558Kcal 19gprotein 74gcarbs 18gfat
Low-carb 16.20Medium 13.70Large 15.45

Beef marchand de vin

445Kcal 29gprotein 38gcarbs 15gfat
Low-carb 20.45Medium 17.95Large 19.95

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