Our weekly menu

Here's a preview of our upcoming menu, we hope you like the look of our chef's delicious creations! For full details, and to place your order get started.

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Minced beef curry

496Kcal 30gprotein 37gcarbs 19gfat
Low-carb 17.45Medium 14.95Large 16.95

Ricotta Spinach Frittata

648Kcal 23gprotein 35gcarbs 43gfat
Low-carb 15.95Medium 13.45Large 14.95

Beyond Beef minced curry

476Kcal 22gprotein 47gcarbs 16gfat
Large 16.45Medium 14.95

Chicken Fillet with Parmesan Cream

588Kcal 36gprotein 60gcarbs 21gfat
Low-carb 16.95Medium 14.95Large 16.45

Cod Fillet with Olive Sauce

474Kcal 24gprotein 47gcarbs 17gfat
Low-carb 18.45Medium 15.95Large 17.95

Seedbake & olive sauce

608Kcal 14gprotein 53gcarbs 33gfat
Low-carb 16.20Medium 13.70Large 15.45

Tofu Satay & Nasi Goreng Rice

576Kcal 20gprotein 72gcarbs 22gfat
Large 15.45Medium 13.70

Chicken Satay & Nasi Goreng Rice

572Kcal 32gprotein 71gcarbs 17gfat
Large 15.95Medium 14.45

Omelette with Parmesan Cream

675Kcal 26gprotein 75gcarbs 28gfat
Low-carb 16.45Medium 14.45Large 15.95

Basmati rice

711Kcal 14gprotein 150gcarbs 5gfat
Medium 7.95

Chicken spring roll salad

612Kcal 26gprotein 33gcarbs 37gfat
Large 15.95Medium 14.95Low-carb 16.95

Tarragon Chicken

581Kcal 40gprotein 42gcarbs 24gfat
Low-carb 16.45Medium 14.45Large 15.95

Tarragon Planted Chicken

562Kcal 31gprotein 48gcarbs 23gfat
Large 16.45Medium 14.95

Spring turkey piccata & asparagus

716Kcal 35gprotein 66gcarbs 30gfat
Low-carb 16.95Medium 14.95Large 16.45

Primavera Salmon Pasta

548Kcal 30gprotein 46gcarbs 24gfat
Large 17.45Medium 15.45

Egg spring roll salad

564Kcal 16gprotein 33gcarbs 36gfat
Large 14.45Medium 12.95

Pork caramel

716Kcal 35gprotein 67gcarbs 30gfat
Large 16.45Medium 14.45

Beef rendang & saffron rice

524Kcal 27gprotein 73gcarbs 12gfat
Low-carb 17.45Medium 14.95Large 16.95

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