General questions.

What is PowerMeals ?

PowerMeals produces quality ready-made meals and ships them directly to you. Our mission is to bring real food for everyone.

Why PowerMeals ?

PowerMeals enables you to lighten your schedule, free your mind and lower your budget. Thanks to us, you will need less:

  • Thinking: calorie counting, development of dieting plans to support your goals, searching inspiration for recipes.
  • Cooking, shopping, cleaning, tidying.
  • Lunches outside: queuing, overpaying on average quality food.
  • Restaurants delivered to you in the evening: overpaying on average quality food and delivery services.

How does PowerMeals work ?

PowerMeals offers a weekly subscription that you can cancel or pause anytime: you choose a plan according to your goals, size and customize it to suit your needs and preferences.

Your subscription is reconducted weekly, and you can switch plans, modify your options or delivery weekday, skip a week or cancel, anytime and charge-free.

Meal enjoyment.

How do I heat up my powermeals ?

Specific heating instructions are printed on the label of every meal.

To reheat in the microwave, simply lift the protective film from the tray in a corner.

To reheat in the traditional oven or steam oven, remove the protective film completely. The trays are in rCPET et resist up to 160°C.

You can also reheat your powermeals in a pan on the stove.

Can I freeze my meals if I don’t eat them all during the week ?

Yes, our trays are compatible with freezing. Try to freeze your meals as soon as you think you are not going to eat them. They will keep for 3 months in the freezer. Once thawed, eat your meal within 12 hours.

How long do your meals last ?

Our meals typically last between 5 and 9 days in the fridge from the day you receive them. The majority will last between 7 and 9 days. The specific use-by date of each meal is printed on its label.

Food, dietary and nutritional preferences.

How are powermeals prepared ?

We cook your powermeals in Switzerland in our professional kitchen.

Our chef and his brigade work with a maximum of fresh and seasonal ingredients (no additives – you will recognize everything on the ingredients list). It’s nothing different form the way you would prepare in your own kitchen, just on a much larger scale and by professionals.

Ingredients are processed respecting their taste and nutritional qualities, and your meals are then sealed in protective atmosphere packaging for optimal conservation.

Is there any cooking involved ?

All meals come fully prepared, zero cooking is needed. You can heat the food in the microwave, steam oven (ideal), oven or on the stove.

Average reheat time in the microwave is 2-3 minutes, steam oven 5 minutes, and oven 15 minutes.The specific re-heating instructions are printed on the label of every meal.

What kind of food do you prepare ?

Our recipes draw inspiration from all over the world: French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, … you name it ! We only work with top chefs to develop our seasonal menus.

How frequently does your menu change ?

Meal variety is very important to us. We carry four seasons per year, each with its own set of recipes. Within the same season, each week is completely different from the preceding one and the following one.

Can I choose what I will eat during the week ?

PowerMeals offers “autopilot” plans: through the plan customization, you simply indicate what your dietary requirements and preferences are, and we make the meal selection for you every week. We take great care in shipping to you the most diverse array of meals possible.

Do you propose vegan or vegetarian options ?

Yes ! All our meal plans are available in both plant-based and vegetarian variants.

What if I have food allergies, intolerances, or ingredients I dislike ?

You can select several ingredients to exclude from your meal plan when ordering.

Warning: although we actively work to avoid any cross-contamination, we choose safety and state that traces of allergens can potentially be found in all our dishes.

Where can I get information on the nutritional values ?

On each plan page, you can access the average nutritional information of the different types of meals. In addition to this, each meal you will receive has its specific nutritional information printed on the label.

What is the Nutri-score ?

The Nutri-score is a system which makes it possible to easily compare the nutritional quality of similar products, by displaying their overall value on a scale from A to E. It synthesizes the figures which appear in the nutritional values table, generally difficult to understand and compare. The information it provides is based on solid scientific data which supplements the recommendations for a balanced diet of the food pyramid without replacing them. The score is calculated for 100g of product taking into account the nutrients to be limited (saturated fatty acids , sugars, salt, energy) and of the components to be favored (fibers, fruits and vegetables, proteins).


How does the PowerMeals subscription work ?

PowerMeals offers a weekly subscription that you can cancel or skip weeks anytime: you choose a plan according to your goals, size and customize it to suit your needs and preferences.

Your subscription is reconducted weekly, and you can switch plans, modify your options or delivery weekday, skip a week or cancel, anytime and charge-free.

To subscribe to PowerMeals, you need to:

  • Select the plan you want
  • Customize the plan as you wish: number of meals per week, diet variants, food exclusions and allergies…
  • Create your cliente account (done during your first checkout)
  • Choose your first delivery date
  • Enter your payment details
  • And there you are, welcome to PowerMeals !

How long do I subscribe for ?

Your PowerMeals subscription has no time commitment. The only constraint is that to skip deliveries, switch plan, modify your options or cancel your subscription, you need to nofity us at least 7 days in advance through your client account.

How do I modify, pause or cancel my subscription ?

All you have to do is connect to your client account and go to the “My subscription” section (or “Subscriptions”, if you have several subscriptions). There you will find a button for each action:

  • Modify your plan options
  • Switch plan
  • Deactivate/reactivate your upcoming deliveries
  • Change your first delivery date
  • Change your delivery weekday
  • Change your shipping address
  • Cancel your subscription

Please note that all of these actions are subject to a 7-day notice period (2 days for the shipping address change).

Can I test your meals without subscribing ?
If you which to taste our meals before subscribing, all you need to do is to choose the one-time purchase option before adding the selected plan to your cart. If you decide that you like the meals and want to continue with PowerMeals, we recommend you subscribe to get a 10% discount. Once subscribed you can easily from your client account skip up to your next four deliveries or pause you subscription.


How secure is your payment process ? Which provider do you use ?

Your payments are 100% secure. To process them, we use Stripe, world leader in online payments. In addition, your payment data is never held by us.

What payments methods do you accept ?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit / debit cards.

When is my card charged ?

Your card is charged 7 days before the corresponding delivery, at 23:00 CET. When you create a new subscription, you will therefore not be debited immediately.

Can I change my payment method ?

Of course ! To modify your payment method, go to your client account, under the “Payment methods” section.

Where can I find my invoices ?

Each delivery generates an order. For each order with a payment confirmation, you can generate a PDF invoice. To do this, go to your client account, in the “Orders” section.


Where and when do you deliver ?

We deliver everywhere in Switzerland. Shipping is always free with PowerMeals.

Your meals are delivered by the Swiss Post on the weekday of your choice (Monday to Saturday). For a supplement, you have the option to be delivered before noon, otherwise you will be delivered before 17:00. For each shipment, a tracking number is automatically sent to you by email, so you can follow your meals’ journey.

If you are away during the delivery, your PowerMeals box will simply be left at your delivery address. Our boxes are designed to keep your meals fresh for up to 30h after they left our kitchen, so your meals are still fresh even if they waited for you all day.

Does someone need to present at delivery ?

No. In order to spare you having to fetch your parcel at the Post office the next day, we systematically leave the instruction to drop the parcel in absence of the recipient. In that case, your parcel will be dropped either on your doorstep or near your mailbox.

Can I get delivered at work ? At home ?

You can get delivered both at home or at work. Any physical address in Switzerland is valid (we do not deliver to PO boxes).

I will be absent, can I pause my deliveries ?

Of course ! You can skip up to 4 future deliveries from your client account; simply go under “My subscription” (or “Subscriptions” if you have several) and hit the “Skip/unskip deliveries” button.

How much does the shipping cost ?

Shipping is free with PowerMeals. If you need to have your parcel delivered before noon, you will have to pay a small supplement.

What do I do with my empty delivery box ?

Your isothermal box contains elements which can be reused multiple times. In a spirit of environmental sustainability, PowerMeals reuses the elements and therefore pays for the return of the box. All you have to do is take the pre-printed return label inside the box and stick it on the box above the existing label, and close the box using the removable sticky tape provided to you at your first delivery.

How long can my powermeals stay fresh in the delivery box ?

Our isothermal boxes will keep your powermeals fresh for 30 hours after they leave our kitchen (at 17:00 on the day prior to your delivery), even outside during summertime.