Split 60 CHF with a Friend

Give a friend 30CHF off their first meal subscription box and get rewarded with 30CHF account credit for each new friend that signs up.

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How it works

You can find your personalised food referral program code within your account.

Share your code
Invite friends to try Powermeals meal delivery by sharing your personalised coupon code for a meal subscription box.
Your friend signs up
When they enter your code on our checkout page they will be given 30CHF off their first order.
You get credit
Your account gets credited with 30CHF which will be taken off your next order.
Enjoy & repeat!
Enjoy our delicious chef-made meals for less. There’s no limit on how many friends you can refer.


Where can I find my referral code?

To see your food referral program code, first log in to your Powermeals account and then go to the refer-a friend tab.

How can I track my referrals?

When a friend signs up using your code you will be able to see the store credit within the refer a friend tab of your Powermeals account.

Can I refer an existing Powermeals customer?

No, unfortunately credit is only available when introducing a new user to our meal subscription service.

Do I need an account to refer friends?

Yes, you need to have a Powermeals account in order to refer your friends to us and collect store credit.

Are you a nutritionist or personal trainer? You can also contact us to find out more about our affiliate food referral programme.

When will my credit be applied?

Your referral credit will appear on the refer a friend tab of your Powermeals account as soon as your friend has placed their meal box order. Any credit will be automatically applied to your next Powermeals order.

My friend has signed up but my credit hasn’t appeared?

In certain situations referral credit has to be approved manually by our team. If you think you’re owed credit that hasn’t appeared just drop us an email and we’ll investigate.

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