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Choose the diet which suits you best.

  • A balanced mix of plant-based, vegetarian, meat and fish dishes.
  • No animal product, suitable for vegan people.
  • Includes eggs and dairy products, but not meat or fish.
  • Only meat and fish dishes.


How many meals would you like per week ?

  • Dishes (lunch or dinner)

Exclusions / allergies.

Choose up to four exclusions. Depending on your exclusions, you may receive the same meal more than once.

Important notes:
An exclusion completely excludes the corresponding ingredient, even in minimal quantities. We never use large amounts of : chili, cumin, turmeric, garlic.
Alcohol is never left in our dishes, it is always evaporated during cooking.
We never cook pork or peanuts (or products containing some of either).

VariantDishes (lunch or dinner)
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About the Balanced plan

The Balanced lunches & dinners are nutritionally balanced and portioned for people with a low-activity lifestyle or those who have a smaller appetite.

In all Balanced lunches & dinner, you will find a generous portion of vegetables and a portion of carbohydrates (grain and/or legumes). Most dishes also include a specific protein portion, in the form of meat, fish, egg, cheese or vegan options like tofu, seeds and meat substitutes.

Balanced lunches & dinners are on average 385g, 600KCal, with a protein content of 22g.


Our recipes draw inspiration from all over the world: French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, … you name it ! We only work with top chefs to develop our seasonal menus.

We carry four seasons per year, each with its own set of recipes. Within the same season, each week is completely different from the preceding one and the following one.

Here are a few examples of what you may find in your box:

  • Salmon with dill, Greek-style veggies and olive tabouleh
  • Chicken pad thai with Thai basil
  • Poached egg on bean salad, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and parmigiano cheese
  • Tofu with mushrooms, broccoli and quinoa


You can purchase your box as a one-off, but the best part about PowerMeals is the flexible subscription.

You have full control over your subscription in your client account: skip deliveries, switch plan, modify your options or cancel your subscription Just note that these changes are subject to a 7-day notice period before the next delivery.


We deliver everywhere in Switzerland. Shipping is always free with PowerMeals.

Your meals are delivered by the Swiss Post on the weekday of your choice (Monday to Saturday). For a supplement, you have the option to be delivered before noon, otherwise you will be delivered before 17:00. For each shipment, a tracking number is automatically sent to you by email, so you can follow your meals’ journey.

If you are away during the delivery, your PowerMeals box will simply be left at your delivery address. Our boxes are designed to keep your meals fresh for up to 30h after they left our kitchen, so your meals are still fresh even if they waited for you all day.

Frequently asked questions.

Is there any cooking involved ?

All meals come fully prepared, zero cooking is needed. You can heat the food in the microwave, steam oven (ideal), oven or on the stove.

Average reheat time in the microwave is 2-3 minutes, steam oven 5 minutes, and oven 15 minutes.The specific re-heating instructions are printed on the label of every meal.

How long do your meals last ?

Our meals typically last between 5 and 9 days in the fridge from the day you receive them. The majority will last between 7 and 9 days. The specific use-by date of each meal is printed on its label.

Can I freeze my meals if I don’t eat them all during the week ?

Yes, our trays are compatible with freezing. Try to freeze your meals as soon as you think you are not going to eat them. They will keep for 3 months in the freezer. Once thawed, eat your meal within 12 hours.

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