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Real ingredients.

Our meals are crafted from fresh & seasonal ingredients, as well as sourced from local suppliers. We only use processed ingredients in exceptional cases, while always guaranteeing that our food is 100% free of any additives.


  • 100% Organic free-range from Swiss farms.
  • We use real eggs and not pasteurized “stuff” that comes in a bottle.


  • 100% Organic from Swiss farms.


  • In most cases we source from Switzerland; when this isn’t possible we source from France & Ireland.
  • We select meat from farms where animals are raised in a humane way, with lots of outdoor space and proper food.
  • All our poultry is IP-Swiss certified.
  • Due to its inferior nutritional qualities, we do not include pork in our meals.

Fish & shellfish.

  • We rely exclusively on sustainable fishing or aquaculture. All our sea ingredients bear one of these certifications:

Fruit & Vegetables.

  • Follows Switzerland’s seasonality.
  • In priority and in majority from Switzerland.

Exotic ingredients.

  • In order to preserve our environment, we use the minimum in exotic ingredients. When sourced from developing countries, we ensure they come from Fairtrade and don’t cause deforestation.

Grains & legumes.

  • 100% Organic !

Real cooking.

Real ingredients are only the start of real food:

We believe food should always be an enjoyment, this is why we hire top chefs – some of them Michelin-starred – to develop our recipes. Each season, the chef creates a large number of different dishes drawing inspiration from all around the world, so your weekly box is always exciting !

At the same time, we work closely with our nutritionists to ensure that our nutritional standards are met for all meals and meal plans, without ever compromising the taste. All our meals feature transparent nutritional labeling, and average nutritional values are accessible directly from our website.

We serve you meals full of vitamins and enzymes; this is why we use very smooth and light cooking methods, like steam and low-temperature cooking. Also, to spare you from cooking-induced toxic compounds, at PowerMeals we completely banned frying, flaming and barbecuing.

Conscience in
packaging & shipping.

Our trays are made of 80% of rPET, this means that 80% of the material used in your tray comes from recycling. Our trays are of course 100% recyclable, and we went a bit further by choosing a tray with no added dye (color).

We have also established an easy return system for the shipping packaging, so we can re-use it in other shipments.