Healthy food delivery with real ingredients – our quality

At Powermeals, we know that every mouthful has an impact on our health and our environment. That’s why we only make real food for our healthy food delivery.

Real ingredients.

Our meals are crafted from fresh and seasonal ingredients, as well as sourced from local suppliers. We guarantee that our food is 100% free from additives with our healthy food delivery.

  • 100% free-range
  • Our eggs come from Swiss farms
Soy, grains & pulses.
  • Our Tofu is 100% organic and comes from Swiss farms
  • We do not use any GMO crops in our dishes
  • In most cases we source from Switzerland; when this isn’t possible we source from our neighbours in Europe.
Fruit & Vegetables.
  • We vary our fruits and vegetables according to Switzerland’s seasonality.
  • We source locally wherever possible so the majority of our fruits and vegetables are always grown in Switzerland
Fish & shellfish.
  • We rely exclusively on sustainable fishing or aquaculture. 
  • All our sea ingredients bear one of these certifications:

Exotic ingredients.
  • In order to preserve our environment, we are careful in our use of exotic ingredients.
  • When sourced from developing countries, we ensure they come from Fairtrade and don’t cause deforestation.

Real cooking.


Real ingredients are only the start of real food:

We believe food should always be an enjoyment! That’s why we hire top chefs to develop our healthy premade meals. Each season, the chef creates a diverse range of dishes drawing inspiration from all around the world.

We know that what you eat is hugely important for how well you feel. We make sure all our chef-made meals are nutritionally balanced, with a good portion of vegetables and a source of protein in every dish.

We use healthy cooking methods to make sure we get the best nutrition, and great flavour out of every dish. No deep frying or preservatives in sight. You can find the nutritional values of our dishes printed on every meal and on our menu.

Conscience in
packaging & shipping.


The carbon emissions from delivering our meal subscription boxes are offset by the Swiss post. All our boxes and insulation are 100% paper recyclable.

We reduce plastic waste by using paper-based meal trays with a food-grade PET lining.

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