Healthy food delivery extras – breakfast, snacks & more

In addition to your weekly meals you can also add extras to your meal delivery, from juice to breakfasts. Make life easier by ordering a full days nutrition in your weekly healthy food delivery, all curated and tested by our team.

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A selection of soups

Each week we have a selection of 3 soups for you to choose from, including low-carb varieties to fill you up and help you meet your goals. You can read more about our full, rotating menu below.

Curried Sweet Potato Soup

Silky smooth roast sweet potato with creamy coconut milk flavoured with yellow curry spices.

Low-carb cream of cauliflower soup

Classic French creamy cauliflower soup, naturally low in carbs and deliciously satiating.

Red lentil soup

Hearty lentil and carrot soup with a hint of nutmeg, plenty of pepper and a dash of cream.

Spinach soup

Vibrant spinach thickened naturally with gently sautéed carrot and potato to give a smooth and nutritious soup.

Low-carb cream of mushroom soup

Smooth and robust cep and button mushroom soup, naturally low in carbs and delicious.

Butternut & chestnut soup

Creamy soup with roast butternut squash seasoned with thyme and sweet chestnuts.

Granola by Powermeals

Roasted in our Swiss kitchen, our granola is all natural, plant-based and gluten-free. Our granola delivery is perfect for snacking, or add milk or yoghurt for a filling breakfast. If you’re looking for a keto friendly solution, we even have low carb varieties of each!

Red berry granola

Made with delicious, natural ingredients, these crunchy oats and seeds are sweetened with acacia honey and topped with dried berries.

Cacao & orange granola

This tried and tested combination of chocolate and orange will bring a smile to your breakfast.

Low-carb red berry granola

Delicious berry flavours but with almond, walnut and hazelnut instead of oats for a low-carb option.

Low-carb cacao & orange granola

Cacao brings the flavour of chocolate, without the calories, for a crunchy low-carb snack.

Homemade snacks

Get a healthy energy boost with our new selection of low-carb snacks. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savoury we’ve got you covered.

Low-carb truffles

Try our homemade chocolate and almond truffles for a sweet treat, made from scratch in our Swiss kitchen.

Low-carb snack box

Crunchy veggie sticks, a hard boiled egg and our homemade mayonnaise. Try this for a great savoury option that’s also high in protein.

Fruit cake

Light sponge cake, rich in dried fruit and with a subtle vanilla aroma.

Juice shots by Mono

Made in Zurich and freshly bottled, these delicious shots are great for a nutrient boost. Whether it’s sharp ginger to wake you up in the morning or immune boosting pomegranate, these are a must-try.

Granate juice shot

The Granate shot brings all the health benefits of pomegranate as well as its incomparable sweet and subtle taste.

Gripen juice shot

The well-tested recipe of ginger, honey and lemon to support you through a cold morning or a long working day.

Rei juice shot

A gift for your immune system, the Rei shot tastes refreshing and fruity and is packed with vitamin C.

Chakra juice shot

Enjoy the sharpness of Cayenne and ginger mixed with the spicy sweet flavours of orange and turmeric. The perfect refreshment after yoga or meditation.

Aloe Vera juice shot

Made with organic aloe vera leaves, fresh-pressed pomegranate juice and lightly scented with rose, this shot has a mild, natural flavour.

Umami juice shot

Made with microgreens which are fresh and nutrient rich. These are combined with pineapple and ginger for a delicious, immune boosting shot.

Kater juice shot

A sharp refreshing shot made with hand-picked mint and a dash of cold-pressed apple juice, blackened with charcoal.

Protein bars by Peak Punk

Finally, sports nutrition without the chemicals! These bars are 100% organic, plant-based and gluten-free. Choose between raspberry or chocolate flavours for a great tasting, high-protein snack to help with those workout recoveries, perfect when paired with our weight loss meal delivery.

Raspberry protein bar

An organic protein bar that uses raspberries to provide natural energy. Packed with power to support your workout recovery and without the additives.

Chocolate protein bar

A great tasting organic protein bar with a soft texture and rich chocolate flavour. Made with all natural products.

Ombar chocolate bars

Organic, fair-trade and vegan there’s a lot to love about this chocolate brand. Also with no refined sugar and lots of nutrients from cacao it’s a healthier option for when you need a sweet snack.

Organic Chocolate – 72%

Rich dark chocolate, incredibly smooth and perfectly sized to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Blueberry & Acai

Fruity and smooth dark chocolate, flavoured with blueberry and acai.

Coconut Milk

Delicious creamy milk chocolate made with coconut milk.

How to order


Simply choose your meals as normal, confirm your selection and then choose any extras you’d like to add to your healthy food delivery.

Note: It is not yet possible to add extras in your account’s food preferences, but we’re working on it. For now, to receive extras, you’ll need to choose your dishes first.

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